About Us

Hey There!

We’re the Ohlmans, a growing family of four traveling the states in a 37-foot RV. As if that isn’t crazy enough, we’re  attempting to save money while we do it. While we don’t condemn all debt, we strive to live without that burden. So the goal is to buy our first house debt free!

Other than that, we’re a pretty ordinary family.

Joshua is a computer programmer. In other words, he can work wherever he has internet…. which is the reason that the full-time RV lifestyle attainable for our family. He dabbles in photography, enjoys chess, is geeky about anything to do with computers, and can’t live without physical activity (aka: running!).

Laura is the proud wife of Joshua and thankful mother of two sweet little people, Maria and James. Her interests include photography (most of the photos on this blog are hers), writing (obviously), reading, frugality, and home decorating.

We welcome you to join us on our journey as we learn to live with less, cook in a mini kitchen, and reside in a house on wheels.