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We are incredibly excited to announce that baby Ohlman #3 is due in February!

I know some of you (who know us personally) are probably wondering if we are planning a home birth. The answer at this point in time is… yes. We have yet to see how comfortable the midwife is with the small space. 😉

For those that are wondering: no, this doesn’t change our future plans for staying in the RV. We enjoy our little house with our little family… the more the merrier, after all!


Hey There! Thanks for stopping by! We’re the Ohlmans, and we’re gearing up to embark on a crazy new adventure: living in an RV full-time for the next couple years.

At this point the plan is to move out of apartment when the lease ends and move into the RV we already have picked out… which only leaves about six weeks to downsize our belongings pack, and get rid of stuff (lots of stuff). » Read more