Meet Behemoth!

Ever since we moved into our RV we have been trying to come up with a name for our rig. We went through so many ideas but we kept coming back to Behemoth. It seemed so apropos.

The first time I saw our RV I was impressed by how big it was and how strong it looked. Driving it only strengthened (no pun intended) that feeling of what a powerful beast of an RV it was. My mind quickly began likening it to the Biblical beast, Behemoth.

“Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; He eats grass like an ox. See now, his strength is in his hips, and

 his power is in his stomach muscles. He moves his tail like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are tightly knitHis bones are like beams of bronze, his ribs like bars of iron…” (Job 40:15-18)

Everything about this beast sounds impressively strong, and that’s what I wanted our RV’s name to symbolize.

So there’s the story behind the name! From now on whenever we refer to Behemoth you’ll know what we’re talking about. 😉


  • Bonnie Eidem

    Love the name! It is huge. I wouldn’t want to have to drive it or park it. Are you guys loving be nomadic? I want something similar only on a much smaller scale. Blessings Wonderers!!

    • Laura

      Hehe, thank you! Behemoth certainly is huge. It’s not as scary to drive as I expected it would be, but then again I learned to drive in a 15-passenger van, so maybe I’m just used to big vehicles. lol I tend to drive about 75% of the time, since Joshua often works while I drive. It’s a pretty awesome deal, since I love driving.

      Please keep in touch! I love it every time you comment. 🙂

      God bless,

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