Our 8 Favorite Products for RVing

We’ve been living in the RV full-time since August, 2016. Since then we’ve picked up a few products that have been game-changers- whether for keeping the RV clean, reducing cooking costs, or helping save space- these 8 items have been must-haves. My hope is that even if you aren’t a full-timer you’ll be able to find one or more of these items helpful. Even if not, it’s always fun to see what other families find necessities. 😉

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1. Instant Pot– I know, this is all the rage in the cooking world right now… but for good reason! I had heard a lot about it before we moved into the RV, but what sold me was the
idea that we could save propane by cooking with this instead of on the stove burner. Now what started out as a cost-saver has turned out to be my most-used kitchen item simply because I love it so much!

I’m not the world’s most organized cook, so 4:00 pm will often roll around before I realize that I haven’t taken any meat out for dinner! Thanks to the Instant Pot, that’s not longer a problem. Because it’s a pressure cooker (along with 6 other functions including rice cooker and slow cooker), it cooks everything in record time. So if I forget to take meat out, no worries! Throw it in the Instant Pot and I’m good to go. 🙂

I’ve grown to love this appliance so much that Joshua also got me the Instant Pot glass lid, a second inner pot, and even an Instant Pot cookbook!

2. Black & Decker Cordless Handheld Vacuum– We went a number of months without a vacuum, which wasn’t the end of the world since we don’t have a whole lot of carpet in our RV, but there were a few places that really needed vacuuming so I finally bought this hand held vac and I only wish I’d done it sooner! Joshua calls it my “magic wand”. Ha! It truly makes a huge difference in the cleanliness of our home, so its most definitely in my top favorite RV purchases to date!


3. Splendide 2100XC Washer/Dryer Combo– Need I say how amazing it is to have a washer/dryer unit in our RV?! Believe it or not, this is the first time since getting married that I’ve had my washer and dryer in my house. How awesome is that?? I can’t tell you how much this has changed the dynamic of our house. No more weekly mega-loads! I can wash multiple loads a day no problem. We can even have a load of laundry washing when we’re driving down the road! Haha!

PS. Yes, that is one machine. It washes AND dries!!


4. Hanging Laundry Bag– Joshua recently got this for me as a surprise gift, and I can only say I wish we’d gotten it sooner! This laundry bag has condensed our dirty laundry into one compact location. The zipper in the back makes it super easy to get specific clothes out without dumping the whole bag on the floor, and the hook fits perfectly on our shower door, which just happens to be exactly opposite the washer/dryer. It helps keep things looking uncluttered (laundry can so quickly look cluttered!) and makes great use of vertical space, which is a precious commodity in such a small house.
5. Clip-On High Chair– this isn’t the exact one we have, but it’s very similar. We got it for James’ birthday last month, and it has been such a worthwhile investment! Normal high chairs take up way too much floor space, yet the booth seats are tooo far from the table to let James eat comfortably while at the table. Since getting our clip-on high chair we’ve been able to have James at the table when we eat, and he gets so excited every time he sees us pull it out since he knows that it means we’re about to eat! 🙂


6. Hand-held Clothes Steamer– I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of steamers in general. I love ironing and think it gives a much cleaner, crisper look to clothing. However, since an iron and ironing board were out of the question in the RV, I settled for using this hand-held steamer. And as far as steamers go, it works fine. I feel like it runs out of water fairly quickly, but for its size that’s not surprising. I know some people much prefer to steam rather than iron, but I’m not one of those people.

That being said, I definitely prefer having this than not being able to tackle wrinkles at all!
7. Small Trash Can– Again, this isn’t the exact trash can we have, but it’s similar. I really like the size (saves space!) and the fact that it has a pop-up, foot-pedal-controlled lid.

8. Storage Containers – This goes without saying, but any and all kinds of storage containers are super useful for organization in a small house! Foldablebasket-type, and plastic tubs are all awesome in their various departments. When a storage container is going to be somewhere visible, I definitely prefer to go with the basket or fabric kinds, while the plastic tubs are perfect for storing in the closet, under the bed, in cabinets, etc.

So there you have it! Some of our very favorite RV purchases!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite must-have household items?

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  • Bonnie Eidem

    Love catching up with you guys. The products sound great. Do you all still love your life on wheels? Michael and I are looking somewhere in time for some sort of RV. A class B or B+ or a slide in pick up camper with glide outs. We just drove by a big field of sunflowers. How beautiful they look with there faces to the sun. A good life lesson. Our lives are beautifull when we keep our faces to the SON.

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