Moving Progress Update

Hello Everyone!

I figured it’s about time for a short update on our moving progress, so here it is!

Joshua and I decided to set June 30th as our goal date for having everything that we won’t be using on the RV packed and in temporary storage. Why a month out from our move date? Because it gives us plenty of time for unexpected contingencies and thoroughly cleaning out the apartment before we leave. » Read more

My System For Packing (So I Won’t Go Crazy)

Since we’re currently in the throes of packing our house, I decided to share some tips and tricks that I use in order to keep my sanity when overloaded with a complete house that needs to be packed. Truth is, I (Laura) have packed all my belongings and moved four times in the last two-and-a-half years (counting this move)… and that’s not even counting all the times I helped my family move growing up. So over the years I’ve found and implemented various packing “systems” that help me keep my sanity when packing my house yet again, and I think I’ve finally found one I really like. So I want to share it with you today. » Read more