Moving Progress Update

Hello Everyone!

I figured it’s about time for a short update on our moving progress, so here it is!

Joshua and I decided to set June 30th as our goal date for having everything that we won’t be using on the RV packed and in temporary storage. Why a month out from our move date? Because it gives us plenty of time for unexpected contingencies and thoroughly cleaning out the apartment before we leave. » Read more

Airtable Review

My husband is a geek for finding new programs. He typically gets excited about one, shares it with me, then quickly decides that “it wasn’t that great” for one reason or another. But folks, Airtable is a keeper! We have both been super impressed with it, and I use it all the time.Now, you may be wondering why I’m doing a computer program review on a site about RVing. Truth is, Airtable has saved my behind when it comes to packing our stuff and keeping it all organized!

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My System For Packing (So I Won’t Go Crazy)

Since we’re currently in the throes of packing our house, I decided to share some tips and tricks that I use in order to keep my sanity when overloaded with a complete house that needs to be packed. Truth is, I (Laura) have packed all my belongings and moved four times in the last two-and-a-half years (counting this move)… and that’s not even counting all the times I helped my family move growing up. So over the years I’ve found and implemented various packing “systems” that help me keep my sanity when packing my house yet again, and I think I’ve finally found one I really like. So I want to share it with you today. » Read more