Hey There! Thanks for stopping by! We’re the Ohlmans, and we’re gearing up to embark on a crazy new adventure: living in an RV full-time for the next couple years.

At this point the plan is to move out of apartment when the lease ends and move into the RV we already have picked out… which only leaves about six weeks to downsize our belongings pack, and get rid of stuff (lots of stuff).


There are many reasons we decided to make RVing our life for the next couple years.

For one, it’s great incentive to declutter and really cut down on the amount of “stuff” we own. More is not always better.

Secondly, we have the travel bug. End of story.

Third, we are saving up for a sticks-and-bricks house and our hope is to be able to put money away toward that goal while full-timing. We named this blog RVing On A Dime with our goal in mind.


On this blog you’ll be able to find a compilation of travel stories, family updates, tips and tricks that we learn along the way, and various other related topics. Through this site you’ll be able to keep up with us as we learn the art of living with less, cooking in a mini kitchen, and residing in a house on wheels.

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